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Eliminate Spam in your Linux Evolution Mail Client

If you run Evolution on Linux, we can help you stop spam. 

How it Works

Challenge/response e-mail filters only pass e-mail through if the sender is on a "whitelist".  E-mail from anyone not on the whitelist goes to a holding area.  The sender is then challenged to prove he's a real person, rather than a spam bot.  If the sender succeeds in answering the challenge, he is permanently added to the whitelist, and his original and all further e-mail is delivered without delay.

Evochallenge is a simple free challenge-response program that integrates into your Evolution e-mail client through e-mail filters.

Why EvoChallenge?

There are several challenge-response filter systems available.  Some are e-mail client independent.  However, if you run Evolution, other challenge-response e-mail filters tend to sweep away your non-whitelisted e-mail before you ever have a chance to review it.  With Evolution, all non-whitelisted e-mail goes into your Holding folder, which you can scan through at your convenience.  Further, EvoChallenge adds features such as automatic white-listing of anyone you send e-mail to.  Also, your whitelist is a simple text file in your home directory, which is simple to edit and maintain.


Download the latest release at SourceForge.  Un-tar and un-gzip the tar.gz file.  Go into the evochallenge directory and execute:


Then, edit your ~/.whitelist file and set your SMTP server options to be the same as what you use in Evolution.  It's as simple as that!  If you have any trouble, please e-mail bill@billrocks.org right away.  More help can be found on the following pages.  In particular, check out Whitelist Editing for instructions on importing your contacts into your whitelist.


Others have written challenge/response e-mail filters similar to Evochallenge. SFAIK, this is the only one that works as a filter in Evolution on Linux. Thanks goes to D. Sleator, since I was able to learn much from his "Blowback" perl scripts while implementing Evochallenge.  Thanks also goes to Michal Ludvig for writing his awesome smtp-client.pl script (which I release as evo-smtp-client.pl).  Finally, thanks goes to Ray Jones for helping debug all this!

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