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Message filters and Linux can be a bit tricky.  If things don't work out at first, and the e-mail filters are set up properly, two other things can still go wrong:

    - evochallenge.pl may be having trouble
    - evo-smtp-client.pl may be having trouble forwarding mail

To see if the evochallenge.pl script is working properly on your system, try running it from the command line:


This will read from stdin.  For input, type:

    FROM: foo@bar.com
    TO: <you@domain.com>

You should put in your real e-mail address for <you@domain.com>.  The ^D is a control-D, not caret and D.  What should happen is that the mail gets held in .heldmail, and foo@bar.com gets added to .evochallenged, and foo@bar.com gets a challenge e-mail.  Check your /var/log/mail.log file.  It should show that a challenge e-mail was sent to foo@bar.com.

Another test is to try evo-smtp-client.pl directly.  You'll need some mail data formatted correctly to try this. You can create that by selecting an e-mail in Evolution, and then using File/Save Message.  Assuming you saved it as test.txt you can try mailing something to your self with a command like:

    evo-smtp-client.pl --verbose --from <your e-mail> --to <your e-mail> --host <your SMTP host> --data test.txt

The e-mail should be forwarded to you.  You may also have to specify the --user and --pass options, assuming authentication is required.

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